Marketing on demand

If you have some business proposal, idea, or upcoming event and see some possibility for us to support you, feel free to contact us. We can create a focused and rich plan of our involvement to satisfy both sides. Also, if you see some space for your business’s growth and the visibility of CZBH, we are there for you.

If you have any other suggestions, questions, or ideas, write to us.

Direct marketing to CZBH members

Once you become a CZBH Chamber of commerce member, you get involved with other closest members. That is valuable for many reasons, and first of all, our list of members contacts is filled with CEO and managers contacts. Those kinds of information can be the first step toward collaboration and successful projects.

Advertising via CZBH communication channels

Our communications channels have a vast network of contacts. Moreover, they are the management of member and non-member companies, state institutions, diplomatic corps. Through our media and international network, communication is better and targeted to specific people that you need.
CZBH can also provide you visibility on our monthly newsletter, where you can reach many members, clients, partners, and potential future investors in your business.

Sponsoring and co-organizing important events

CZBH events increase your company’s visibility and provide access to leading political and economic figures. In addition, by linking a brand to CZBH, a company can increase its market presence and network of prospective clients and associates, thereby boosting its competitiveness.
Our events can gather the management of leading companies and government representatives, and representatives of the diplomatic corps. In addition, the media regularly cover these events.
Also, we can sponsor your big event or be a co-organizer to ensure good communication directly with a target group.

Keep in touch!

Let’s keep in touch! By becoming a member or affiliate, we will keep you updated on all relevant events, deals, and tips from the region. You will also have a chance to promote your business, goals, and ideas to CZ/BiH expats, local communities, and more!