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Behind every good business, there is good communication. But, if you want to be even better, that is where we can help you. As a part of our Chamber, you will get a wide range of marketing and PR opportunities to help you highlight your success.

The Chamber of commerce helps you promote your business, company, or people. We have a lot of opportunities in this field. It is up to you to decide and choose what is suitable for your business:



Mail listings and interlinking

Once you become our member, we will put your contacts on our mail list, so that other business companies can see and get to contact you if needed. There will be your website and email contact.



Content in our newsletter

You have free access to our media space, where we can represent your achievements. Through that content, there is a possibility to reach a broad spectrum of potential partners and express your field of work.



3. Case studies and testimonials

Once you are part of our story, you can easily highlight your experience with us and, on the way, represent yourself or your business story as well. Testimonials are reliable, and people tend to like personal stories as proof that there is a fundamental human factor behind every business.



Content marketing

If you have important news to share, we can do vice versa marketing where we can mention you in our articles, and you do the same for us. So that is a win-win situation, where we interlink and highlight your company, and that is a way for both sides to point out their success.



Co-organizing events

Once you have an idea or significant upcoming event, you can reach out to us and share your vision. Then, we can arrange the best way of promotion and partnership for that event. We provide media coverage and promotional materials branded with your and our business.



Collaborative Workshops

Join forces with us to host educational webinars and workshops. By sharing your expertise, you'll reach a wider audience and establish credibility in your field.


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If you would like to hear more about our work, become a member or receive our newsletter, please get in touch. CZBHCC also welcomes feedback along with recommendations on how to improve its representation and services.