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Explore the rapid development of transport infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including roads, motorways, and railway corridors, facilitated by the CZBHCC. Discover opportunities for Czech partner companies in leasing production and logistics centers, tapping into BiH's competitive advantages in location and pricing. Uncover consultancy services for waste management improvement projects, addressing a pressing regional challenge. Delve into the dynamic water management sector, offering collaboration opportunities for both countries and potential for BiH to leverage its resources efficiently. Witness Bosnia's emergence as a key player in diversifying Europe's raw material dependence, poised to expand its market reach and environmental contributions.

The BiH region is also developing very rapidly in transport infrastructure, especially in constructing roads, motorways, and railway corridors. We can help orient and provide relevant information and documents in this sector within the Chamber of Commerce.

We ensure the lease of production capacities for Czech partner companies in BiH. Ensuring the rental of logistics centers in the BiH region

Bosnia and Herzegovina have massive potential to construct logistics and production centers for European companies. Many Western European countries are already taking this opportunity. Furthermore, Bosnia is very competitive due to its location, price level, and the geopolitical situation.

For our partner companies, we can consult parts and complete projects of lease or construction of production centers and the logistics centers.

A significant challenge now and in the future is in the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia is facing the need to improve the current state of waste management, and we can help with this challenge. We consult projects for Czech and Bosnian companies to improve the current situation and green future.

The region of Bosnia and Herzegovina is developing very dynamically, including all water management topics. The opportunities in this field are tremendous for both countries. For the Czech side, it may be possible to implement their knowledge and technologies. This is an excellent opportunity for BiH to use its water resources and their potential efficiently, given the environmental needs of the whole region and Europe in the future.

Given Europe’s interest in diversifying its raw material dependence on remote regions, this field is also up-and-coming for Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a significant producer, Bosnia welcomes the opportunity to expand its customer portfolio and offerings to other EU countries.


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