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Unlocking Bosnia and Herzegovina's
Agricultural Potential

Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina's thriving agricultural sector, boasting locally raised livestock for meat production in line with EU standards. Delve into the strategic importance of milk production, ripe for enhancement through cutting-edge EU technologies. Discover the nation's excellence in cereal, fruit, and vegetable processing, exporting quality products globally. From sunny vineyards to abundant medicinal herbs, uncover the diverse bounty of this fertile land, including its rich sources of natural and mineral water.

Bosnia and Herzegovina have great potential in the production of healthy food.

The backbone of the meat processing industry, Bosnia and Herzegovina revolved around its livestock, bred and raised locally (cows, sheep, goats, chicken, turkey, geese, etc.).

Meat production and processing are in line with EU normative and exported Globally.

Milk production and processing are considered a strategic agricultural pillar, and it too solely depends on the locally raised livestock. Moreover, the production and processing of milk and cheese is the most common form of production, while there is plenty of space to improve it by using recent state-of-the-art technologies available in the EU.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has excellent potential in producing and processing cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Processing lately is performed on the most modern machinery. Significant quantities of cereals, fruits, and fruit products are exported to the world market because they meet the necessary standards and certificates. Given the influence of the Mediterranean climate and a significant number of sunny days throughout the year in Herzegovina, particular types of grapes are grown from which quality wine is produced. In addition, thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a significant producer and exporter of medicinal herbs.

Numerous sources of natural and mineral water are also of great potential.


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