Avoid exploring rural areas and straying off paved paths without an experienced guide, as there are still a lot of unexploded landmines in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo has some areas that are a bit sketchy. Although you likely won’t be targeted for crime, there is a risk that you could get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially at night.

Neighborhoods such as Grbavica, Skenderija, Alipašino Polje, Aneks, and Gornji Pofalići have a bit of a rough reputation, but they are far away from the center.

Things to Consider

Here are some other safety tips to make sure you have a good time in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Both pedestrians and drivers have a very loose relationship with the rules of the road, and outside of the major cities, the roads are usually in poor condition. Keep that in mind when you prepare to drive.
Bosnia has a lot of stray dogs, especially in the cities and towns. Most are harmless, although they will beg for food persistently, but some have attacked people in the past.
Bosnia is a multiethnic country, so be sensitive to different religions and cultures. Don’t assume that someone is of a certain ethnicity or ask prying questions. Know that customs in different parts of the country might be different — for example, areas that are predominantly Muslim don’t serve pork.
The weather is fairly rough in Bosnia, with extremely hot summers and frigid winters. Pack your suitcase accordingly.