So, Should You Travel to Bosnia?

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Despite its tragic recent past, Bosnia is safe to visit today! If you stick to the cities, you don’t even have to worry about landmines — just watch your wallet.

What should you avoid in Bosnia?

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Avoid dangerous extreme activities such as hiking the backcountry with no guide or exploring buildings damaged by the war, as you never know when you could get injured. Also, avoid

Is it safe to go to Sarajevo?

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Yes, it is safe to go to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, the petty crime rate is highest here compared to the rest of the country, so

Are people friendly in Bosnia?

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Yes, people are very friendly in Bosnia. Even in the rest of the Balkans, Bosnians have a reputation for being the friendliest people, and the country’s hospitality is legendary. It’s

Avoiding Bad Areas

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Avoid exploring rural areas and straying off paved paths without an experienced guide, as there are still a lot of unexploded landmines in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo has some areas

Crime in Bosnia

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The U.S. State Department may cite landmines and terrorism as the reason its citizens should exercise increased caution when in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but other countries mention crime. For example,

Is Bosnia Safe to Visit?

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Yes. You can travel to Bosnia with full peace of mind because visiting this country is safe. However, the scars of war are still visible, so you will have to