Business development services

CZBH Chamber of commerce offers a wide range of business development and support services aimed at helping individuals, companies, and organizations to do business more effectively.
If you have any doubts about suitable places to grow your business, you can contact us, and we will provide that information for you. Furthermore, we can suggest who could be potential reliable business partners for your enterprise. We use our vast network of contacts and partners to grow your network and find the best business solutions suitable for you.

Depending on your business field, we can help you do market research and place your product in the best possible way. Behind every business, there are successful and dedicated people; we are also focusing on their development through various business and networking opportunities.

There is a wide range of possibilities once you are our member. We can connect you to our most suitable partners for you and encourage you to collaborate for the best interests of both sides.
If you see more opportunities or have some concrete ideas or plans for developing your business through our chamber, do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep in touch!

Let’s keep in touch! By becoming a member or affiliate, we will keep you updated on all relevant events, deals, and tips from the region. You will also have a chance to promote your business, goals, and ideas to CZ/BiH expats, local communities, and more!